Jerry Dhillon with Dr. David Aronoff Covid19

Conversation with Dr.David Aronoff About Covid-19

I had the pleasure to speak with an old friend and Director of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I had in mind to speak with him and thought that we could share this information at the same time. Join me in hearing his views on this topical conversation. If you have any questions that you would like to put forward please let me know,

“Now we’re in this uncharted territory of saying if everyone looks like an old western cowboy movie of wearing a bandana how protected are they going to be? … if they’re wearing any kind of face covering that that could limit this dispersion of this virus into the environment.” David Aronoff


When are carbs not carbs?

True story: One day when my daughter was attending Primary School , she came home a little perplexed. She asked me “Dad, are fruit and vegetables not carbohydrates?” I answered “yes, why do you ask?” “Well, that’s what I thought! My teacher was talking about food, and she told me […]

HEALTH Unplugged setup as not for profit social enterprise

In 2014 I setup HEALTH Unplugged along with Darryl Edwards. We were both passionate about extending a network of people to share, educate and motivate each other in our journey to living a holistic lifestyle using ancestral principles. The reasoning to use ancestral principles is that for a vast majority of […]

HEALTH Unplugged Logo

Barnes Fitness Day 2016

Don’t miss the Barnes Health and Fitness Day: 23 April, 2016

I am taking part in the Barnes Health and Fitness Day on 23 April 10-3pm at the OSO in Barnes.  This is the first event to be held in Barnes and I am honoured and excited to be involved in promoting health and wellness in the local area.

I will be presenting a small talk about how we can integrate mindful ancestral movement at 10 am, followed by a a free taster session at 11.30.  The aim is to provide you with a background to physical and mental fitness, and to give you practical advice how to integrate it into a lifestyle choice. Be sure to attend to get access to an exclusive offer!

Barnes Fitness Day 2016

In addition, other fitness businesses in the Barnes area will be at the Health and Fitness Day offering diet and nutrition advice, cycling, running, dance, Pilates and yoga as well as so there will lots to do and see.

Entry to the event is free and there is and no need to book. If you are interested in finding out more just turn up! I hope to see you there.

That Sugar Film

My review of “That Sugar Film”.

This film is palatable viewing (pardon the pun). It is suitable for people of all ages as it entertains and informs at the same time. Think of it as Morgan Spurlock’s Super-Size me but this time with processed sugar in foods. I’ll share with you a few key take-aways that […]

HEALTH Unplugged 2015 speakers

The speakers attending HEALTH Unplugged 2015 (London)

HEALTH Unplugged 2015 Conference is taking place in London on the 31 October and 1 November 2015. With 25 speakers, authors and movement coaches including myself, Darryl Edwards, Dr Chatterjee, Jimmy Moore, Mark Sisson, Denver’s Diet Doctor, Paul Jaminet, Dr. Terry Wahls, Sam Feltham, Dr. Tommy Wood,  CJ Swaby, Christine Bailey and many more! Get […]