HEALTH Unplugged setup as not for profit social enterprise

In 2014 I setup HEALTH Unplugged along with Darryl Edwards. We were both passionate about extending a network of people to share, educate and motivate each other in our journey to living a holistic lifestyle using ancestral principles. The reasoning to use ancestral principles is that for a vast majority of our time on earth, our human ancestors lived on and within their environment due to necessity. Our environment helped us to remain in symbiosis, and we function better when in harmony with it. Through specialization of skills, trade and communication we managed to ease the burden of physical labour and the dependence on seasonal variations. This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to our ingenuity mastery of our environment. Inadvertently this comes at the expense of our physical and ultimately mental well being. It is in the nature of any organism to select the path of least resistance. This is fine when the environment is set up in balance to maintain and provide sustenance to the individual. The practical implications are complex in how we integrate this into the modern lifestyle. It is possible however, and not as difficult as you may think. It is change from the norm where the difficulty arises. HEALTH Unplugged stands to challenge conventional wisdom.

After the past events I am pleased that we have decided to formalise the structure of HEALTH Unplugged as a not for profit organisation. This has help us to focus on what we believe in, which is in simply delivering great quality educational events in the UK. The attendees of previous events are amazing, and I am always taken aback with the sense of care, genuine affection and concern they have shown. I hope to see the continued support for the organic growth and empowerment of our community. You can read more about the announcement on the HEALTH Unplugged site where you can also purchase discounted early bird tickets.