When are carbs not carbs?

True story:

One day when my daughter was attending Primary School , she came home a little perplexed. She asked me “Dad, are fruit and vegetables not carbohydrates?”

I answered “yes, why do you ask?”

“Well, that’s what I thought! My teacher was talking about food, and she told me the grains and cereals were carbs, and fruit and veg weren’t.”

“Why did she that?”

“We were talking about the different food groups.”

“So what food groups did she say?”

“Protein, fats, carbs, fruit and veg. I told her that fruit and veg are carbs, but she said that they weren’t. Is she right or am I right?

I laughed, and then said “it’s ignorance, and it’s something you’re not going to win in an argument like that. She is so convinced that grains, breads, and pasta etc have become their own food group. It’s just grains, which are a carbohydrate source, as is fruit and veg. If you think about it there are only 3 major food groups. So can fruit and veg be included as protein?”

“No that’s like meat.”

“Of course, so they can’t be fat either so what does that leave?”


What amazed me even more was that this was coming from a teacher that was diagnosed as a coeliac. Just goes to show that when we start believing our own hype and we are taught such non sense at an early academic level that our perceptions can become damaged. No wonder then what you suggest some alternative sound adviceĀ it is taken to be peculiar. Don’t believe the hype!