Fitness Training Services

Virtual Training

Individualised programs based on Paleo Fitness. VT can be combined with Personal Training to augment your program, or solely as a standalone product.  If distance or costs prohibit you from training with me then maybe this is the option for you as a standalone product. You will run through a pre-asessment to benchmark your capabilities. You will give me clear indication of your goals. Then a min of 12 week program will be designed for you to perform in your own home / location. I will guide you all the way, giving you a program, regular feedback and advice. In return you will give me updates of your progress so that we make any adjustments required along the way. Nutritional advice given as an extra. Advance payment required.

Personal Training

Personal training (based in Barnes) will provide intensive 1:1 tuition which is focussed for the on you and your goals. It offers a tailor-made program dependent on your current fitness levels, and offers a unique approach of integrating proven Paleo fitness and a broad spectrum of movement, using a variety of techniques.

You will be dealing with me alone through the whole process. To me you are not just another client. My objective is to help you safely progress towards your personal goals. Together we will own this process. What ever your goals – from rehab, motivation, toning, conditioning, strength training, increasing current fitness levels, improving posture, correcting muscular imbalances, pre/post natal fitness. Come and find out about by my unique take of fitness that will make you more capable in real practical terms. It can include weight management, weight loss, nutrition, Olympic lifting, weight-lifting, gymnastics core control, kettle bell training, core conditioning, boxing, kick boxing, and sports specific training.

This program is also offered as a couple/partner 1:2:1 training. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

 Paleo Fitness Group Classes

Group classes are suitable for all levels of ability, and will be scaled accordingly. Reconnecting and engaging with the environment using natural and practical movement patterns, you will be challenged within a fun group atmosphere. There is lots of variation to increase motivation and encourage healthy competition. Using predominately body-weight exercises, and simple equipment in outdoor open spaces you will quickly begin to achieve great results and rediscover your confidence.

The classes will help improve your strength, power, endurance, agility and flexibility. A back to basics old school fitness approach is used along with some non-conventional techniques to get you moving to reach your full potential. Proven methods will work all muscle groups, help correct posture, remove imbalances and strengthen you against injuries. These classes are inclusive irrespective of age, ability or current fitness levels. Come and join us – it is totally addictive.