Karen Whyatt     Karen

I first discovered Jerry on a notice board advertising a Boot Camp! It was 6 months to my wedding and I needed to lose weight to fit my dream dress so I thought drastic measures were needed. I had been sporty when younger and fancied getting fitter as well. After a full fitness test and diet diary, I embarked on 3, 1 hour sessions a week with Jerry, together with a diet plan. He wasn’t scary as the boot camp name might suggest, he was enthusiastic and supportive. I lost almost 1 and a half stone, fitted my wedding dress and had a waist again. There was also the bonus was I felt great as well, I had more energy and stamina and felt stronger and happier. I lapsed a bit after the wedding, I drifted back to less exercise and an unhealthy diet. When I returned to Jerry he patiently encouraged me and gave me a programme I could achieve but which challenged me as well. I can’t recommend Jerry strongly enough for his supportive approach and his knowledge in all areas of fitness and health. You’ll definitely improve your fitness and well being under his guidance.



Angela Beresford     Angela

On my first visit to Jerry I wasn’t really sure what I wanted, I knew I needed motivation and wanted to regain my lost fitness levels but didn’t really have clear goals.  By the time I left we had agreed a plan that set out clear goals and times to work towards.  If I’m totally honest I didn’t think it would work as I really had lost my mojo however over the next few weeks Jerry monitored my eating, my sleeping and motivated me to work harder than I imagined I could.

After the first month I really felt things were improving, I was more alert, happier, sleeping better and eating a much healthier diet.  As the weeks progressed my weight dropped and my shape changed dramatically, my goals were achieved on target however I didn’t stop there.  The new found fitness level had me hooked and I want to go on and on so now 18 months on I am still working out with Jerry on a weekly basis.

Jerry has continued to provide effective training plans that are challenging, fun and have lots of variety.  Never knowing what you will be faced with is great, I never get bored and this sets good foundations for my future lifestyle goals.  Always adaptable Jerry’s personal strengths are his extensive knowledge, not only about fitness but nutrition and motivation as well.  I achieved far beyond my own expectations and would have given up on many occasions without the support provided.  It’s by no means a walk in the park, you work for everything, Jerry ensures you stick in to the end.  Each programme is individually structured to push you from your comfort zone while still being achievable.  At the end of every session I know I have worked really hard and feel great that I made it to the end.

Jerry also provides me with sessions to do at home, we use lots of things that are available in everyday life, whether you are at work, at home or on holiday, there is always something you can use to work out, no need for all that expensive equipment.

Alan Rodger     Alan

Alan Rodger



Hi my name is Dave and I am currently 67 years old and would like to put on record my experiences regarding my attempts at gaining some level of “fitness” over the last three years.
In my sixty third and fourth years, I was semi retired and away from work had a fairly active life, with no direct involvement in sport but lots of gardening and DIY projects. I returned to full time employment when I was 64 and the nature of my work and the commitment required all but ruled out any physical activity whilst encouraging bad dietary habits and poor sleep patterns. I decided that if I was going to work full time I really had to do something about general fitness and well being so I enrolled for a fitness programme run by a nearby neighbour who was a personal trainer and fitness adviser who had a small well equipped gym. I had never been inside a gym before so it was all a bit strange to say the least.

I was advised on many aspects of well being including diet, posture, activity etc. in addition to commencing regular “training” sessions twice a week. Basically in the first year, I made some progress but did not really feeI was becoming an “athlete” and although I heeded some aspects of the diet advice much of it was the same as before. In the first year however there were improvements in weight, blood pressure and other signs. Plus I actually developed my own targets, like, tying shoe laces and cutting toe-nails!

Real measures of progress made occurred away from the gym, one of which involved a bad fall whilst traversing rough ground when I would surely have sustained serious facial injuries had I not been able to react quickly and take my full weight in the “push up” position slowing down the fall and minimising the contact force. This one incident made all the previous effort worthwhile.

When I started training I already carried a couple of old long lasting “injuries” including a painfull shoulder and foot that had troubled me for many years. From time to time during training and other outside activities these “injuries” did restrict what I could do. However, the activity programme in the gym took account of these and very gradually they became the occasional niggles, not the injuries that were restricting me from pursuing my new hobby of hill walking.

I started hill walking exactly a year ago when I was 66 and found it extremely challenging from stamina, muscular and straight forward aerobic demands. I continued with the training programme two or three times a week even although I stopped working around the same time. The training programme focused on the sort of activities, walking, gardening and DIY that I was involved in. I gradually became aware of significant improvements in my ability to handle some of the walking challenges I set myself. Within a few months of starting walking I climbed my first “Munro”, nearly a thousand metres high and a round trip walk of about thirty kilometres all in just nine hours. (I did pick up a couple of blisters)

Continuing with training sessions and practice walks (and a little more heed of diet and sleep habits) I set out on an expedition that I had at the back of my mind but never thought I would try. It involved, in the first instance walking for eight consecutive days covering twenty five to thirty kilometres hill walking in all weathers including blizzards, sleet, wind and rain. Each day I did some simple preparation before walking, stretches and squats and I can honestly say I never once felt physically limited and the exertions of walking that distance each day was incidental.

In summary if I started training to try and maintain a status quo and discovered instead that improvement was possible, I also learned the meaning of “a feeling of well being” and achievement. This is reflected in many aspects including confidence to just go and do it if I feel like it. Training was difficult for me but the variety involved made it better, also I never ceased to amaze myself by my progress on the rowing machine! I would not consider having a single day of inactivity now I am where I am. 

Dean Third     Dean

Dean Third

Nick - Fitness Client Testimonial for Personal Trainer Barnes     Nick

Jerry offers you a holistic view to fitness and embraces the ideal that it should be naturally part of everyday life. He incorporates so many different and some times bizarre exercises/movements which make his sessions fun and refreshing. Believe me you will definitely feel muscles which you thought you had never had! Jerry’s sport science knowledge is extensive and can adapt to suit you training requirements. For me the revelation was finding and building my core strength, he introduced me to many new training exercises including the art of dead lifting and the perfect squat.


Client Testimonial for Evolution in Fitness     Catherine

I did many of Jerry’s classes both group and individual. From the start Jerry was very thorough in wanting to know what my training goals were and designing a programme around that. Each class every week was different so that it was always interesting and I always looked forward to them. Over the years I’ve done lots of different types of classes and what makes Jerry different is that he really understands and is interested in the science behind the exercise which makes him very effective as a trainer. Jerry was very good at pushing me toward my goals and making me work harder, so that after each training session I felt energised. I would certainly recommend Jerry as a very well qualified and professional Personal Trainer.


Fran Headshot     Fran

I have had several sessions with Jerry and every time he does a great job motivating me during the training. He incorporates many different techniques and exercises each session which works out the whole body (and mind!) and is also a lot of fun! He is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition, and I have learnt a lot from him already. After my fitness training I always feel like I have had a good work out and will continue to have training sessions with him in the future.