Overcoming Mental Health

Overcoming Mental Health Issues in UK

We tend to think of health in narrow terms. The World Health Organisations definition of health is “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This is in my opinion a robust, complete definition. This article will focus […]

Fitness Sessions listed in Barnes

I’m proud to be listed in a local community initiative called Barnes Class. This is run by people in the community to promote local business for people living in the community. I look forward to it’s success. Fitness Sessions listed by “Barnes Class”

Barnes class local community

Ban on skinny models

Skinny Models banned from catwalks

Ultra thin models have been banned from Italy, Israel, Spain and now France under new legislation, with other countries likely to follow suit. Under the new health reforms, models are required to have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 18. Failure could incur heavy fines or even a […]

Blind lift Saturday WOD

Blind lift Saturday – a proprioceptive WOD to conquer mind over matter. Fitness is not just about the physical aspect but the mental as well! Perform the following blind folded:  Warmup with 30 x broom stick dead lifts. Concentrate on form, slow and steady and make adjustments for perfect form […]

Eat To Live Forever With Giles Goren

BBC show “Eat Well Live Longer with Giles Goren”.

Last night I watched the BBC program “Eat Well Live Longer with Giles Goren”. It was an interesting and entertaining  program. The basis of the program is something that we would all like to do, that is to live longer. However I would add that equally the desire should be […]

Thursday Training

Perform the following continuously for 6 sets or 30 minutes with good form throughout. Stop if you lose form. Bodyweight Deadlift x 10 200m sprint 10 Knees to elbows 15 strict military pushups. Ensure you perform an adequate warmup before, and walk for 10 minutes at finish.

Catherine - Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial – Catherine

“I did many of Jerry’s classes both group and individual. From the start Jerry was very thorough in wanting to know what my training goals were and designing a programme around that. Each class every week was different so that it was always interesting and I always looked forward to […]