Jerry Dhillon

Skinny Models banned from catwalks

Ultra thin models have been banned from Italy, Israel, Spain and now France under new legislation, with other countries likely to follow suit. Under the new health reforms, models are required to have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 18. Failure could incur heavy fines or even a […]

Ban on skinny models

Blind lift Saturday WOD

Blind lift Saturday – a proprioceptive WOD to conquer mind over matter. Fitness is not just about the physical aspect but the mental as well! Perform the following blind folded:  Warmup with 30 x broom stick dead lifts. Concentrate on form, slow and steady and make adjustments for perfect form […]

Hunter Gatherer Ultimate Paleo FItness

What is Paleolithic Fitness?

Paleo or primal fitness are often used interchangeably to describe  a fitness model based on ancestral movement, nutrition, and  lifestyle. To summarise why you may consider this as an optimal choice is that since the inception of the human genus, Homo, 2.5 million years ago we flourished as hunter gatherers. […]